Some of my prints have been selected for an exhibition at the Upstairs Gallery  Berkhamsted

Upstairs Gallery Berkhamsted


I exhibited with Upstart Press 

Church of Christ the Cornerstone

Central Milton Keynes


Upstart Press

Upstart Press

Upstart Press

Lots of compliments and sales







Upstart Press exhibition



Church Christ Cornerstone MK






  An exhibition of prints at Milton Keynes Museum 

The exhibition received many compliments and sales during MK Arts Week.

It’s on-going so still plenty of time to see it.


MK Museum exhibition

In the Granary Tearoom next door to the Print Room with its collection of historic presses   

Wednesday through to Sundays, 11am-4.30pm. CLOSED Monday and Tuesday except for Bank Holiday Mondays



Upstart Press at MK Museum



                      Ian Stephens                                                               Kate Milner

                                     Deborah Hopson Wolpe

Di Oliver

    Lynne Thirkell, Elspeth Nesbitt, Lucy Williams and  June Meadows

   This exhibition was part of MK Arts Week in September

                                                          Missing the Point Linocut



Upstart Press were invited to use the historic Columbia press

at Milton Keynes Museum 

Here’s Ian Stephens printing his beautiful wood engravings



and he printed one of mine too

Sandcastle Wood Engraving

 Sandcastle wood engraving Di Oliver

Upstart Press are looking forward to an exhibition at the museum very soon

and demonstrations of the collection’s  presses and printing equipment.


Really going to miss

Market Place Gallery Olney

 Always something new and beautiful to find there.

Looking forward to seeing them in a new location soon.


Market Place Gallery Olney

Red Umbrella Malcesine Edition of 25

Red Umbrella Malcesine  Linocut    Edition of 25


RCA Secrets again . . .

see if you can spot mine!    no 455


                         I’ll be entering 20:20 Print Exchange this year with Upstart Press 

This is how I made a linocut for this year’s 20:20 Print Exchange

Starting with a photograph I took on a beach in  winter –  I played around with it, reversed and simplified the image. In my sketchbook I experimented with colour and layers of Japanese paper to define the sand, when it seemed right I transferred the image to the lino and cut it.




Phtograph of Erin on a winter beach



Trial print

Dry paper


Cutting the lino

Now I’m printing the lino and experimenting with pressure and paper – dry or dampened?  Dampened looks best so far . . .

Trial print 2

Winter beach somerset paper dampened


 lots of decisions to make but  it looks promising




Finished edition Winter Beach

Finished edition Winter Beach



Some of my work will be at  Wood End Gallery Pertenhall   Bedfordshire  

wood end gallery



 A windowful of my prints

Exhibiting with Art at 88 in Berkhamsted last year

Art at 88 in Berkhamsted last year


‘Missing the Point’  

This is proving a popular print!

Linocut  edition of 25 Missing the Point Linocut…………………..

RCA Secrets Exhibition last year


RCA Serets 2015


A lovely postscript to this exhibition was an email I got from Kay Jones

“I am writing to let you know that I purchased one of your RCA secret postcards , “Girl with a red earring”. It was in my top ten of favourite cards  so I was really pleased to be able to buy it. I am going to get the card framed with a red frame to go with the colour of the ear ring.”

Thank you Kay – I’m impressed that you got up at 3 am to join the queue – it’s so nice to know who buys the cards we donate!

 RCA Secrets is also in Dubai this year

scroll to page 51 


 Southbank Printmakers Gallery

Gabriel’s Wharf London   

Power Lines Drypoint Edition of 3

Power Lines Drypoint Edition of 3


This is from a review of the exhibition I was part of there a couple of years ago

‘… an image that we, in the city, rarely see – “Power Lines”  A drypoint by Di Oliver.  For me this has a slightly nostalgic feel.  It is not something that is generally portrayed in such detail and I find Di’s treatment of the subject resonates with me as it will with you.’