Linocuts portfolio


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Aerial view Riva Linocut Edition of 25

Red Umbrella Vernazza Linocut edition of 10

Red Umbrella Malcesine Edition of 25

Red Umbrella Malcesine Linocut    Edition of 25    


Naughty Teddy Linocut Di OliverPeeping Jack Linocut Di OliverBad Dolly Linocut Di Oliver

 Naughty Teddy Linocut                                   Bad Dolly  Linocut                                   Peeping Jack  Linocut



Beach           Linocut

Coast Linocut Edition of 10


Dune                Linoc


Dream River                      Linocut

In my dreams              Linocut

Dream                                    Linocut





The Stade Hastings     Linocut


Net Shops Hastings             Linocut



   Bales                                  Linocut